Bonus: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Note: Miss Jones Baking Company sent me this cookie mix for free for me to try out.

The Miss Jones Baking Company reached out to me to try out one of their cookie mixes. They sent me the chocolate chip cookie mix for free, and these opinions are my own. They’re not paying me to say certain things about this product.

Let’s give it a try!

What is this product? It’s powdered cookie dough mix, where the only things you need to add are an egg and 2 tablespoons of butter (which is 1/4 of a stick of butter).

Luckily the butter is pretty easy to measure.

That top portion is all you need for this recipe.

This recipe is pretty simple to make. All you need to do is mix the softened butter and egg in a bowl, and throw in the dry mix.

The most unsettling omelet.
Throwing in the dry ingredients!
Cookie dough!

Once the dough was made, it was recommended to make these into a rounded tablespoon. Needless to say, I tried to use my definitely-not-trusty 1tbsp Oxo scooper, and it didn’t work very well, so I scooped all the cookies with it.

I baked them for 10 minutes on aluminum sheets with a layer of parchment paper, and they came out pretty good.

If you’re wondering, yes that one cookie in the lower right of the picture doesn’t have any chocolate chips in it.

These cookies came out pretty good, and I was surprised by how they tasted. This recipe used wheat flour and has a different mix of sugar that makes it healthier than most cookies. This honestly doesn’t feel like a sacrifice when it comes to wanting to make cookies but still want to be somewhat healthy.

Also, this works if you’re ordering stuff off Amazon and want some healthy chocolate chip cookies to make. They taste a little different, but if you’re trying to be better about your eating, they won’t make you feel like they’re trying to be something else.


Author: Michael Maravick

I hold a Bachelor's of Science in Manufacturing Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I'm a process engineer by day with a passion for baking and trying new recipes.

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